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While I have personally had many changes in my life since I began studying this modality, I am not here to convince you of my new view of reality. I am merely offering a different way of looking at the world we live in and a different way to view and change the ‘problems’ going on in your life.

Aboriginal and Native cultures of the past lived as spirit, something Western mind and most of the planet has forgotten. This work is about helping you remember your spirit.

We all have the desire to make changes in our lives. As a practitioner, the possibility of Change is what the practice is here to assist you with.

Would you like to Create Change?

Who would you be if those ‘things’ that hold you back in life were no longer there? Who would your child be if they didn’t act that way? What would you be if you could change the fears that hold you back? Do you have beliefs that keep you from manifesting the reality that you desire?

On my website RememberingSpirit.com, I list many issues that can be assisted with. Holographic Kinetics looks at the issue you are having as an Effect. In a session your Spirit shows you the cause to the effect, and you change the cause where it originated. No magic words, nor magic formula. Your spirit through you does all the work.

If you are ready to see how Holographic Kinetics can assist you with Change, email sal@rememberingspirit.com or come to the next information session (see below). If you would like more information, please visit www.rememberingspirit.com or visit the Holographic Kinetics website at www.HolographicKinetics.com.


Information Session on Holographic Kinetics – Thursday June 22nd, 2017 4pm-9pm

Rejuvenate Sanctuary174 Westwood Ave, 2nd Floor, Westwood, NJ 07675

Come and visit myself and fellow practitioner Donna Cerame as provide an information session and Q&A at Rejuvenate Sanctuary. (www.rejuvenatesanctuary.com)



Sessions are currently being performed at Rejuvenate Sanctuary174 Westwood Ave, 2nd Floor, Westwood, NJ 07675. Please email Sal@rememberingspirit.com for more information. More locations coming soon.

What will be coming in future posts?

Articles and links related to the history, science and practical application of Holographic Kinetics.

Links to Interviews and Videos of Steve Richards, founder of Holographic Kinetics, explaining many topics related to Holographic Kinetics.

Future Locations – Look for more locations coming soon.

Information Sessions – talks related to basic information about Holographic Kinetics and what a session is like. Sometimes this will include a single issues session for donation.


Watch this 14 part video series to hear from Steve Richards yourself:

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