Where did Holographic Kinetics originate from?

“Healing your past, in the present, for your future”

The lineage of Holographic Kinetics

Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics is 60,000 years of Australian Aboriginal Culture and knowledge of the Laws of Lore and nature. Holographic Kinetics is the science behind that knowledge that their ancestors used in everyday life.

Knowledge was passed down Father to Son, through the Ancestral line. It was a lifetime of learning. With the Aboriginal and native cultures throughout the planet being decimated, the foundation of which was ‘they were Primitive’, we hear about the ‘stolen generation’. Through oppression, slavery, abuse, rape, murder of children and families and separation of children from their families, much of this knowledge was lost. Not only was the traditional knowledge stolen through this trauma, so was their connection to their Spirits.

Steves Genetic Line

Steve Richards is of Aboriginal descent. His Great Grandmother was sold into slavery and died giving birth to his Grandmother.   His Grandmother was brought up at her father’s cattle station and learned the old ways from the Aboriginal Servants and workers. Steve would later recall “I remember her telling me how they could speak to the spirits of the animals, trees, rocks, water and deceased ancestors and how some could move in and out of time.”1

When Steve was a child, he had a knack for knowing when things would happen, and precisely what would happen.   His mother was amazed by this ability. When she questioned him, he was confused thinking ‘ I thought everyone remembered the past’. As he got older other abilities came into play. His curiosity led him on a lifetime search for wanting to know ‘How he did it’.

Over 50 years of Research

Steve has spent the last 50 years researching a myriad of modalities and topics, trying to understand man’s consciousness and its connection to our reality. This research is what led to Holographic Kinetics. This information is the same information that the Aboriginals couldn’t put into words because they ‘didn’t have the words’ to describe what was happening. Not only is everything alive, the Universe operates under the Laws of LORE.

Holographic Kinetics is now being taught around the world. Classes are an intense 7 day journey where you learn the basics. Over one thousand students who have taken the class around the world and many are now in active practices.

Sal Mastroeni – Holographic Kinetics Practitioner

If you or someone you know who lives in Northern New Jersey or New York and would like a session, please visit my website www.rememberingspirit.com or email sal@remememberingspirit.com.

For further information about Holographic Kinetics please visit www.holographickinetics.com or email Steve Richards at steve@holographickinetics.com.

AWARDS: Steve Richards was awarded the 2005 Life Awards Certificate of Commendation from Suicide prevention Australia and was Nominated for the 2005/2006 Human Rights Medal Awards, as a recognition for the achieved outcomes in indigenous communities. Steve was also selected for the 2004-2006 Torres Strait Regional Authority consultant register, Steve was also nominated for 2007 Australian of the Year, Steve has been cleared and requested to go into the high security mental health wards of the Aboriginal prisons, where nothing tried by mainstream was working and Steve has obtained positive changes with every case.

I encourage you to watch a 14 part video series on Steve Richards YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/HolographicKinetics0


References: 1 https://www.holographickinetics.com/ancestral-past


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